Mr. Gunter Gaublomme, Director of the Brussels Diplomacy Academy, quotes:

“The importance of respecting the local business etiquette can hardly be underestimated. We notice that many business people tend to focus on the traditional technical aspects of doing business. They master the legal, fiscal, insurance and financial aspects (the so-called hard competencies), but tend to approach markets from their own cultural background, totally neglecting the insights from intercultural management (often considered as a “soft” competency). Amazement, unbelief and anger master their mind when they realize that a market remains closed or that, after all, the local counterpart wishes to end the negotiations. Field research clearly demonstrates that respecting cultural differences is the key factor for business success. That’s why we warmly welcome the book “Culture and Business Etiquette in Europe” by Mr. Frederic O. de Pryck.”

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