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As a contribution to the achievements of the Slovak Presidency CIDIC will organise Diplomatic, Economic and Academic DEA days in Bratislava with the aim to foster agreements for collaborative activities and networking among Slovakian and European entrepreneurs and universities.

In order to prepare the DEA days that are programmed on the 12 & 13th October 2016 the board of CIDIC set up a pre-mission and paid visits to numerous institutions and organisations in Bratislava.

The purpose of the trip was to discover the top sectors, get up-to-date facts on what’s going on in the country, learn from helpful conversations, and get answers to interrogations.

CIDIC’s trip was also to acquire the necessary knowledge to explore, learn, question, generate discussions, establish relations, or the like, to succeed in elaborating and coordinating the activities of the final programme.

CIDIC devotes itself to broaden relationships with local citizens and is committed to provide the highest possible quality of information, to analyze the business opportunities, to give attention and necessary support to the future participants to help them achieving their objectives in the country.

To be more sensitive to the needs of other European countries and their people is part of CIDIC’s policy and working concept.

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