• CONFERENCE on European and International Trends by HE Mr. Alexander Tokovinin, Ambassador of Russia to Belgium

     13 June 2019 at 18h30

          Conférence en Français

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  • CONFERENCE by HE Mrs Riitta Resch, Ambassador of Finland to Belgium, at the occasion of the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

       27 June 2019 at the Ophem Castle, at 18h30

           Conference in English

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October 2019

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23-24 April 2019, DEAC Days in Bucharest, Romania

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CIDIC, following its concept of honoring the country hosting the presidency of the Council of the European Union, has organised its DEAC (Diplomatic, Economic, Academic & Cultural) days in Bucharest.

The delegation was welcome at the Belgian Embassy where H.E Mr. Thomas DEBAEKELANDT, the Belgian Ambassador in Bucharest and his wife offered a lovely walking dinner. On this occasion, following an idea of Prof . Jan CORNELIS and is determination to make it we had the thrilling pleasure to welcome a tenth of Romanian VUB Alumni, all of them occupying high positions in the local business world.

During the evening CIDIC together with the ambassador proceeded with the European Award ceremony in honour of :

– The Brisk Company which deserved the CIDIC European Award for its modern business approach offering the latest solutions by using a modern construction consultancy methodology.
– Mr. Matei Serban SANDU, visual artist specialized in painting and graphic arts deserving the CIDIC European Award for his extensive work that can be found in public collections in: Norway, France, Germany and in private collections from Romania, USA, Germany, Japan, France, Norway, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland.
– The Collibra Cy, a leading Data Governance Software company and a spin-off from the Laboratory for Semantic Technology and Applications Research (STARLab) at the VUB, which deserved the CIDIC European Award for the combination of its innovative software concept, its capacity to grow in a new software sector, its international embedding and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

The ceremony was followed by a networking well appreciated in an euphoric atmosphere.

The day after, under the auspices of UNICA (Network of Universities of the Capitals of Europe) represented by its Secretary General Mrs Kris DEJONCKHEERE, with the help of our Academic Attaché Prof. Jan CORNELIS, a workshop took place at the University of Bucharest.

After the signature of a membership agreement between the UB Confucius Institute and BACES – Brussels Academy for China and European Studies Prof. Jan CORNELIS opened the various lectures on the subject of “University international policy challenges benefits and pitfalls”.

To follow, Mr. Marc VANHOSLSBEECK form the Wallonia-Brussels Federation entertained us with: “Open science policies in the European Research area, towards a new ecosystem of research production dissemination and evaluation?”

After a short break, various interventions from the Romanian side took places.

– The UB Rector himself, Prof. Mircea DUMITRU PhD talked about “Science, Truth, Democracy. A troubled marriage.”
– To follow, Assoc. Prof. Sorin COSTREIE UB Vice-Rector, talked about “Truth, Post-truth and nothing but the Truth”.
– To end the session Mr. Bogdan POPOVICI, Romanian Physicist entertained us about: “Opening Research to Education”.

Then a warm lunch organised on the spot in a friendly atmosphere gathered all the participants.
Once more CIDIC had the opportunity to show its ability to put people together for the sake of the diplomacy.


23-26 April 2018, DEAC Days in Sofia, Bulgaria

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