LIBERTY-Home, Austria

After the success of winning the CIDIC award, we were able to celebrate a big milestone of our project LibertydotHome once again yesterday:

Our brand has been awarded with the national State Patent Mark 2018, which is the high est state recognition and the highest approval of the Republic of Austria ingenuity.


Therefore here a Link to a Story on red


As a side information:

The Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology Ing. Norbert Hofer has officially called out a Fundraiser for one Tiny House in order to support a homeless person in Vienna on Facebook:

Your Network in this regards would be very helpful and appreciated.


Also, we have made great progress with our rental model of Tiny Houses at events / music festivals.

However, your network in this regards, also on an international level, would be very appreciated in order to roll out our concept broadly.


May we ask you to forward this information to your contacts in this matter?

If you need an official press release or anything else, we will be happy to send it anytime.



Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Markus Hörmanseder and Philipp Hüttl